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moon gate You've found me at last.

moon gate You've found me at last.

Welkom to Franklin Castle

Welcome to Franklin Castle

You have just stepped across the threshold into another dimension. A quiet world of Gaslights, Horse-Drawn Carriages, Wonder, and Love.

Back in the 1800’s when Franklin Blvd. was lined with giant elm trees and stately mansions of the wealthy. They called it the “Millionaires’ Row”.

Almost immediately after German immigrant Johannes Tiedemann of Süderau (a small town near Hamburg) bought ‘Bachelor’s Hall from Alonzo Wolverton in 1865, the home became the scene of several fatalities.

While some attribute what happened here to sheer terrible luck, others feel that more sinister forces must have been at play. However, this was just the beginning of Franklin Castle’s journey.

Great Hall Chandeliers

Great Hall | Clock

Great Hall | Black Marble Fireplaces

Is it possible for a house to have a soul? Not really, nevertheless it could still contain remnants of its past. A form of energy. Sometimes more. A lot more.

In terms of paranormal phenomena, the Franklin Castle is undoubtedly very active. This is not surprising given the sheer number of human souls from all walks of life who passed through the castle over centuries and decades.

Bankers, Smugglers, Die Deutsche Sozialisten [a German socialist party], Celebrities, Mediums, Priests, Witches; the list goes on. And everyone leaves something behind. Sometimes it is objects left withinside the attic, other times it is their dreams, or their loneliness. And every now and then; darkness. 

At times when Franklin Castle was vacant and silent for years, spirits settled into the old corridors, dark halls, and chambers to dwell; and stay.

This portal is for all Franklin Castle Friends,
and I have many stories to tell you.

Explore The Ballroom for various types of gatherings. To see the castle for yourself, take the Mystique Tour. For a day, pretend to be King or Queen. Or go deep into the basements and listen for Paranormal Activity in the walls. If you dare, you can even Stay The Night. But more than anything else, it’s my joy to have you here.

And now, hush-hush; explore the Franklin Castle Portal.

January 21st. 1881

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