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© 2022 The Franklin Castle

Main Dining Hall


Main Dining Hall
4308 Franklin Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Fri, Apr 5th 2024


3:00 pm



My Castle Today

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Step into ROYAL SPLENDOR at Franklin Castle, where for a day, the crown is yours!


Franklin Castle opens its grand doors for diverse occasions – be it celebratory gatherings like birthdays and graduations, professional seminars, company celebrations, intriguing paranormal events, or any special gathering you envision. Here, you can host up to 12 guests, crafting an event that mirrors your unique style and purpose. Your party, our ghosts, and a castle steeped in history! From 2 PM onwards, tailor your event within a 6-hour window, concluding by the stroke of midnight.
Whether it’s an afternoon soiree or an evening gala, the time is yours to command. Invite your chosen few to the South-Hall of Franklin Castle. Here, amidst the echoes of the past, the Royal Castle Tour awaits, weaving tales and legends through the castle’s mystic chambers. Make the Castle Chamber your own for a Gift Exchange, adding a regal touch to your celebration. As you step through the moon-gate, you’re not just entering a historic castle; you’re stepping into a realm where time bends to your will. Welcome to Your Castle for a Day, where your event is not just celebrated but enshrined in the annals of Franklin Castle’s illustrious history.

Franklin Castle

Hourly Schedule

My Castle For a Day

3pm - 4pm
We'll meet with the the host of your party to talk about logistics and show you around the space so you can set up what you need.
4pm - 5pm
The Royal Castle Tour
It's on us! Our unique present to you on this joyous occasion. And if there is a gift exchange, we have the perfect castle chamber for that.
5pm - 9pm
Party Time
Now, let's get your party started in Franklin Castle's main hall.

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Get your Party Started! $150 (per hour)

My Castle For A Day | Admission Ticket: Reserve the Franklin Castle Main South-Hall for up to 6 hours, accommodating a maximum of 12 guests [for larger events, please contact emma@thefranklincastle.com]. A minimum of 3 hours is required to get the fun started. Please choose the number of hours you'd like to book below.

Available Tickets: 6
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