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The Castle [CLUE]

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Main Dining Hall


Main Dining Hall
4308 Franklin Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA


Fri, Apr 26th 2024


8:00 pm



The Castle [CLUE]

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Why? Who? How? Where?
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Now that a new era has begun at Franklin Castle, CLUE LIVE has rapidly become one of our most requested events. Played out in the renowned Franklin Castle with up to a dozen guests and a room-to-room format, this LIVE murder mystery game is a fantastic way to strengthen bonds among a group and encourage members to think outside the box when it comes to creative problem solving.

On this clear winter night, Mr. Bone, owner of “Franklin Manor,” cordially invites you and your party to see his magnificent castle. However, the dinner quickly goes downhill as the host is discovered dead. A private investigator unexpectedly needs your help with a case. Who is to blame for this? Which weapon did they use? Has Miss Scarlet been spotted in the Ballroom with a candlestick? Or, maybe Professor Plum used a handgun in the Red Room? It’s possible that Franklin Castle’s nocturnal specters may provide light on the riddle on occasion.

Come on down to Franklin Castle for a night of good ol’ times, castle food, (BYOB), and a wonderful mystery set in a gaslight illuminated and cozy blue winter night.

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