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Franklin Castle

Please note that any event at Franklin Castle, including the overnight experience, requires a membership. Membership is free of charge, and you can become a member by creating an account here.
‘Overnights’ at Franklin Castle are one of our unique special events. It’s important to note that we are not a ‘bed and breakfast’ or a hotel. We offer the experience of staying a single night in chambers within the castle, which can be booked individually or combined to form ‘Louise’s Dwelling.’ Alternatively, guests can opt for the ‘Kastle Overnight,’ which uniquely includes the addition of the Main-South-Hall, further enriching the experience for our castle dwellers.

Below, you will find helpful notes about reserving a dwelling, essential information for your stay, and our straightforward “kastle rules.” These guidelines are designed to ensure your safety and make your night at the castle an unforgettable experience.

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1. To reserve your chamber, you can make a booking through our website. You have the option to pay either a deposit or the full amount to secure your reservation. Please use the following link:

Φ  Stay The Night

2. The Overnight Experience at Franklin Castle is limited, ensuring an exclusive and memorable stay for each guest. Due to high demand, our chambers are often booked hundreds of days in advance.

Before confirming your reservation, please ensure that your selected date is one where your presence will grace our castle. If circumstances lead you to not arrive or cancel your booking, your absence will be notably felt, with only echoes and specters filling the chambers.

Please note, a cancellation fee of 30% of the total reservation cost will be applied. For cancellations within 72 hours of your stay, or in cases of no-shows, we regret that refunds of ‘full payments’ or ‘deposits’ cannot be issued.

Franklin Castle

3. We require a security deposit of $100. This will be refunded within 3-5 business days after your stay minus possible damage costs.

4. Staying the night at Franklin Castle can be a delightful experience, whether for couples or groups. Our larger chambers are particularly suited for group bookings. For the daring individuals who wish to spend the night solo, please note that the minimum guest rate will still apply. For those planning to reserve the entire castle, options like South Main Hall and the entire second floor can become your exclusive dwelling for the night.

5. Franklin Castle does not have any televisions.

6. Yes, we offer the option to explore the entire castle during a guided “midnight tour.” If you are exploring the castle on your own, please note that it is explicitly prohibited to enter any of the castles balconies. No exceptions. Please be aware that the primary sections of the castle, namely the Main South Hall and the Basement, will remain locked from 10:30pm to 11am. However, this restriction does not apply if you have booked the entire castle.

7. We welcome you to bring your own food. In your chambers, you will find serving utensils. A list of restaurants that offer delivery service directly to the castle can also provided. Please don’t order anything to be delivered after 1AM. If you’d like to cook, Emma’s Rooms, ‘The Kastle’,  and Louise’s’ Dwelling come equipped with a full kitchen. A small kitchenette is available in Johannes’ Rooms. In the morning, you can also grind your coffee; the traditional way.

Franklin Castle

8. Franklin Castle is ideal for overnight ‘kastle dwellers’ because it is designed for that very purpose. ‘Overnights’ are not designed for paranormal research. Paranormal investigation tools like EMF meters are not permitted for overnight stays. Since paranormal research requires a special set of logistics, you can find options for paranormal investigations at Franklin Castle at the following link:

Σ  The Para Normal

9. ‘Kastle Dwellers’ may leave and come back to Franklin Castle whenever they want.

9A. PARKING:  Overnight parking on site is provided “as is.” Franklin Castle assumes no responsibility for any damage to vehicles under any circumstances.

10. Check-in is 4pm | Check-out is 2pm – the next day:)

11. You have your very own bathroom with a shower and bathtub.

12. There is no alcohol served at Franklin Castle. However, you may bring your own beverages – in moderation and please in your room. Guests who appear visibly intoxicated will be denied service and asked to stay in their rooms and not wander the castle.

13. There are many more options for “Kastle Dwellers” at Franklin Castle. You can find them when you click on the “Book Now” button for each room [Midnight Tour, Dinner Etc.]. Just pick your dates and number of guests to see if the room is available and how much it costs. Another window will show you all the options you have while staying overnight. We strongly suggest to book the Midnight Tour as this is the only option to explore the entire castle. Please note that, for your security, most of the doors to the main areas [Main South Hall, Basement] will be locked from 10:30pm until 11am. However, these restrictions do not apply if you’ve booked the ‘Castle Overnight’ package. I can’t wait to see you soon!

For more events here at the castle please follow the link below:

ò  The Castle Tours


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