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Louise's Dwelling Overnight

Franklin Castle

Louise's Kitchen

Louise's Parlor

Louise's Bedroom

Louise's Kitchen

Louise's Kitchen

Louise's Fireplace

Louise's Hallway

Louise's Bathroom

Louise's Bathroom

Louise's Reading Room

For those who wish to spend the night at Franklin Castle, a certain form of waiver is required to be filled out. Kindly ensure to follow the enigmatic link provided PRIOR to making your reservation.

Franklin Castle

Louise’s Dwelling

These were Louise’s own quarters at Franklin Castle in the late 1880’s. Decades later, around the time the Deutsche Sozialisten [German Singing and Dancing Club] sold the castle, rumors began to circulate that it was haunted by the nineteenth century ghosts of Louise and her daughter Emma. Louise's Dwelling takes up the entire third floor. It has two bedrooms, a large reading room, two bathrooms, and a large kitchen overlooking the rose garden and the carriage house. The dwelling can sleep up to four guests. This entire floor has seen joys, sorrows, mysterious deaths and spiritual mayhem and is still very active today. I understand it may be late before you fall asleep, so check-out is at 1 p.m. the next day. -- From $245 per guest/night and a minimum of two guests --

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